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Welcome to "Business453"  Our mission is to help Businesses Startup's and Entrepreneurs focus on the number one mission and that is to drive sales and new business. No sale is ever made without a meeting so we focus on the importance of arranging business meetings through cold calls, social selling and networking. We can help you with your business sales training, the sales process or both. 


Connecting People, Business and Product is what I do best. At the core of all successful sales made; it all began with a meeting. Whether you are designing a new product, have an idea for a new business or are currently already in business development and sales and just need help. We specialize in making those connections for you through contract services. This is also why we created "Buying A Meeting" Please visit us at:


With the high cost of sales professionals today near $500 to $600 per meeting it makes sense to learn how to position yourself as a leader in business development and offer your skills as a one of kind service. It saves businesses time, money and frustration from hiring, training and keeping a sales professional especially a new Startup. If you are already a professional business development sales person and have a track record as a cultivator in cold calling and loves to open new doors then we may be able to help you set yourself apart.

The program materials we offer are perfect for NEW Startup Businesses who are at the most critical phase of the business when launching and need new customers. We offer training materials and experience to cultivate new leads, contacts and get the meeting set so you can do what you do best. We can help you do all of that for a fraction of the cost.