Welcome to " John McKee aka Business453"  My mission is to help Businesses Startup's and Entrepreneurs focus on the number one goal and that is to drive sales and new business. No sale is ever made without a meeting so we focus on the importance of arranging business meetings through cold calls, social selling and networking. We can help you with your business sales training, the sales process or both. 


Connecting People, Business and Product is what I do best. At the core of all successful sales made; it all began with a meeting. Whether you are a Startup or existing business we can help. Business Development outsourcing allows you to try implementing a sales program without the initial commitment of hiring s full time representative. Here is a little bit more about myself on my LinkedIn Profile. Here is the Link: www.LinkedIn.com/inJohnMcKee453


My newest edition to Sales Training opportunities include "How to Go From A Sales Career To Become an Independent Business Development Contractor" A 6 Step Guide and Training Program.

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How to go from Sales Career to Become a Business Development Contractor