Business Recommendation by Des W Woodruff
Founder of Groke trade and Business Partner with Ken Shamrock

John McKee is a man to get to know and follow. He is a master networker and entrepreneur. I want to give him a big shout out because he introduced Ken Shamrock and me to a key influencer who is also in his #TheBAMNetwork which is a platform for anyone to buy a meeting with a celebrity/influencer. Look into doing this. How else can you get on a phone with a celebrity?
You should friend/follow John-- especially if you are a prominent influencer or celebrity. Des W Woodruff Founder Grok Trade and Business Partner with Ken Shamrock

Business Recommendation by Dr. Jim Seward
Chief Executive Officer at FamilyCore

I attended John's seminar titled "Nothing Happens Until the Meeting is Set and No Sale is Ever Made without a Meeting." This presentation was based on his book; "Nothing Happens Until the Meeting is Set." John spoke from his heart, which was led by his experience of sales. Setting a meeting is such an overlooked step of sales, that John placed emphasis on it. For someone who is not in sales, this presentation was valuable; my take away was the importance of relationships and process of developing one. How a relationship will assist in setting the meeting. John's humility while presenting his practices of success was encouraging. I will attend another presentation that John does; he is approachable, honest, and reliable.

Business Recommendation by Jennifer Albright, CPSM, C.P.M.
President of Spend Right, Inc.

I met John at a few classes through SCORE, he knows his stuff. Using his techniques, I've had a much higher success rate in setting up meetings with prospective clients which has been a great boost for my business. I highly recommend that you check out one of his classes if you're local and looking to improve your sales approach.

Business Recommendation by Kelly Donnelly
Executive Assistant at Peoria Area Chamber of Commerce

John McKee has been a great member and supporter of our community. John recently presented a seminar to our membership on sales techniques. He was smart, well spoken and engaging. He provided excellent insight for our members and we have received great feedback from those who have attended. John also does a great job of supporting and promoting our organization. We look forward to continuing to work with John in the future and hope others get the opportunity to as well.

Business Recommendation by Matthew Chittick
Director of Market Sales for Residence Inn and Courtyard by Marriott

I attended John's class yesterday regarding techniques to acquire more meetings. Great presentation ! I have been in sales for years, but my new sales role is a different challenge and today really gave me new ideas. - Matthew Chittick


Business Recommendation by Kelli Evans
Senior Market Manager, Community Engagement at American Cancer Society

Thanks for the info today at the seminar on arranging meetings and effective techniques for acquiring new sales. I do prospecting on a daily basis and lead a team in fundraising, and having another perspective is helpful in reinforcing best practices for our staff and sharing tools to help them be successful.

Business Recommendation by Audrey Miller
Office Manager at East Peoria Chamber of Commerce

John McKee has been a member of the East Peoria Chamber of Commerce for many years. He recently conducted a sales seminar for our Chamber members and did a great job. He was thorough, funny, and easy to understand. He did a great job of providing additional resources to our members and answering their questions. He has also done a fantastic job of promoting and attending our various events. We look forward to having him back again. Highly recommended.

Business Recommendation by Kim Martin
Fitness and Nutrition Professional, Motivational Speaker, Business Owner of I've Decided & Curves, Author

I would highly recommend John McKee for his experience with Business consulting and development. His new book "Nothing Happens Until the Meeting is Set" is an amazing tool that teaches how to connect with people or other businesses. John taught a seminar for our I've Decided Business Members and did an outstanding job. He is very knowledgeable in his field and a great teacher.


Business Recommendation by Fred Dirkse
Owner, OIC Group, Inc. a Prairie Technology Alliance Member

I've had a variety of professional relationships with John McKee over the past decade. I've hired John as a business consultant, as a direct employee, and as a sales contractor and I've also watched John's independent entrepreneurial pursuits during this time as well. John is hands-down one of the most effective sales professionals I've ever worked with as well as one of the most knowledgeable businessman I've met during my entrepreneurial career. I look forward to continuing our work with John for years to come and I recommend John's skills and services to others as well.

Business Recommendation by Cindy Smith
Engaging Members, Building Relationships, McLean County Chamber of Commerce

John provided an excellent presentation to the McLean County Chamber of Commerce Sales Essentials Club in July, 2016. His topic "Nothing Happens Until the Meeting is Set" provided valuable insights and motivation for Chamber members who are involved with sales. He easily related to all levels of expertise and received excellent feedback from participants

Book Reference by Kevin Harrington
Shark from ABC's "Shark Tank"

"John McKee get's it. A masterful story, part life and part career. McKee shares his 26 year business journey as he connects thousands of people, businesses and products though meetings. As a result and with mentorship and reading books he finds his niche as a key person of influence in business development. And shares his 5 Simple Steps and Proven Techniques to Arranging Meetings.


Book Reference by Jeff Hoffman
Co Founder Priceline.com

John's new book is an interesting and educational read about his life and journey in growing businesses. A great book for any aspiring business entrepreneur or startup. Filled with valuable lessons learned and useful sales tips.


Business Recommendation by Eric Myers, MBA
Co Founder at SolidStays™

Working with John is a breath of fresh air in today's ever competitive product development arena. It is very satisfying to speak and collaborate with an individual who can think beyond what is right in front of us to see and achieve true scalability. I recommend John to anyone who is working or thinking of introducing a product to market, to get some honest feedback and direction as to where it might be able to take you.

Business Recommendation by Steve Grant
President at S.J. Grant and Associates, Inc.

I had the pleasure of working with John as his trainer in the Dale Carnegie Sales Course several years ago. He was the kind of participant trainers love: participative, engaged, positive, and committed. Since then, I've watched him leverage his selling skills and an entrepreneurial spirit to create and market innovative products that are helping multitudes of people today.

Business Recommendation by Lisa Vrancken
VP of Business Development at AsSeenOnTV.pro

John McKee is the Founder/Inventor at Finger Guard an amazing product used by hair stylists and the culinary world. Shark Finds/AsSeenOnTV.pro with Kevin Harrington, featured the Cosmo Finger Guard on our DRTV campaign, highlighting John's genius! He's taken a concept through to distribution and is a marketing master on brand building, creating product awareness and consumer demand! Great work!

Business Recommendation by Terri Mlotek
Vice President at Heil & Heil Insurance Agency LLC

John has great insight into marketing and branding. He is intelligent and honest, while staying humble. working with him has brought new ideas and insight into how to market and network. He is a pleasure to do business with!

Business Recommendation by Ray Rita
Capelli Innovations LLC

John got my business started in the right direction. With all his contact, leads and knowledge he was the person I was glad to meet up with. Great motivator

Business Recommendation by Edan Trump
Master Colorist at ReDefine Studio

I met John McKee at a trade show and quickly discovered that he is one of those rare gems that you don't get the pleasure of meeting too often. John is one of the founders of Cosmo Finger Guard! A truly great product that is needed in today's world of turbo drive lives. John is incredibly uplifting and engaging without being over the top energetic...which I truly appreciate. His leadership and encouragement is a positive blend. I look forward to our next opportunity to work together.

Business Recommendation by Chris Everett - Atlanta SEO Consultant
Atlanta SEO Consultant | President at Captivate Search Marketing

I have worked with many sales people during my career, none of which match John's tenacity to get the job done. John is an excellent communicator and is extremely organized. His follow up with clients and potential sales leads is the most thorough I've seen from any other sales personnel I've encountered. I would highly recommend John to any sales team focused on growth and new business development.

Business Recommendation by Doris Symonds
Entrepreneur Coach

John is a great speaker and quite knowledgeable on Technology connections. He spoke at the Annual Women in Business Conference in 2011 and did a great job. His materials were awesome.

Business Recommendation by Heather Fitzanko, CSDS
Vice President

John is a very personable guy. He originally came in to our office to introduce Prairie Tech. We quickly realized that the services we provide would be a natural fit to Prairie Tech. What I like about John is that he is out there talking to individuals to find out how he can help. He is not trying to sell he is trying to help. He listens, takes notes and finds solutions.

Business Recommendation by John Sahn
Of Counsel at Kavanagh, Scully, Sudow, White & Frederick, P.C.

“John McKee made an excellent presentation on sales lead development at a SCORE Workshop in December 2015. The turnout was among the largest and resulted in increasing demand for more programming on sales development. We are grateful to John for sharing his experience and insight.”

Business Recommendation by Fletcher Ford
Broadcasting Operation Owner Brand Imaging-Marketing Mentor, Small Business Coach, Real Estate Investor.

I had the pleasure of working with John with my wireless company in Peoria Illinois and in Cedar Rapids Iowa. John was immensely dedicated to the expansion and growth of my business. He was instrumental in growing my overall business sales channel revenue . John always worked with top notch skill, integrity, and passion. I recommend John for any project as his dedication shines through