Nothing Happens Until The Meeting Is Set

Nothing Happens Until The Meeting Is Set

When I decided to write my first book I wasn't sure what my theme would be so I just dove in and started writing. Although it is not quite ready I figured I could give everyone a glimpse into the heart of my new manuscript called "Nothing Happens Until The Meeting is Set." Besides giving readers a brief history about myself and my personal life I was using the book as a means to decide what it is that I am really good at. I was trying to find my intellectual property or niche and help others.

By documenting my 26 year career with over 180 pages and 61,000 words I realize that one thing is very clear. I enjoy Connecting People, Business and Product through arranged meetings . In everything I have ever done I've always connected someone to something or someone else. It has always been through an arranged meeting. My new quote is "Nothing Happens Until The Meeting Is Set" and no sale is ever made without it. I'm able to credit myself with over 25,000 Sales Call Meetings. Even though I have started my own business, worked for numerous fortune 500 companies and created Patented products I always found myself right back to this one key skill as a connector.

I enjoy helping others and sharing my knowledge. I have always had some type of volunteer position to give back. I've spent the last two years donating my extra time to business StartUps, and Entrepreneurs and I always find myself wanting to do more.

The thing that suprises in almost all of the business plans and startup presentations I have seen and heard is there is usually little to no focus on Business 2 Business Development. This is the number one key to their success. Even though my company Business453 has been in existance for over 7 years as a B2B contracting service, I'm open to helping others achieve their dreams one new business meeting at a time. My focus is on these keys areas of the Startup:

Lead Generation

Arranging Meetings


Cold Calling

Social Selling


These skills are critical in any new business launch or Startup no matter what kind of idea or product you have. Your company must have a strong business development plan to make it all possible and gain clients . Whether you contract these services out or task yourself as the founder you are not going to make it on social media and advertising alone. You must possess these  skills. For more information please contact me direct.

John McKee


Twitter: @John McKee453