Are You A Key Influencer?

Are You A Key Influencer?

Depending on what part or your life or career you are in and whether you are just starting fresh out of college or are like me and already spent a lifetime working in a specific field, creating and crafting skills in the real world will dictate how to go about what you want to do.

It’s the experience that will set you in motion, the repetitive things you do, the things that you do that make you happy, motivate you to get up and go. It’s what you look forward to doing, and others recognize it.

I believe we have all been educated by experiences. You can get started anytime. It is never too late or too early. Maybe you have been a housewife all your life, raised children on your own, run a flower shop or a golf club store, or maybe you have built a successful corporation. Let’s not forget it’s highly possible that you may just be very good at your job. No matter what you are doing, there is a niche in it.

You can become a KPI, Key Person of Influence in your area of expertise, but please do not just do it for the money. It is amazing how many people work just for the money. Sound familiar?

When I examine myself and think about what I do every day, every week, I know I have to go out there and recruit new business and sales opportunities. I am happy doing this and it doesn’t seem like work to me – maybe it’s because it’s a fun job. No matter what it is, I just get up and go, do a good job, and work hard.

Webster’s Online defines an expert as “having or showing special skill or knowledge because of what you have been taught and what you have experienced.”

Researcher K. Anders Ericsson argued that for someone to become an expert in their field, they need at least 10,000 hours of practice.

I call an expert someone who is a KPI, or Key Person of Influence. Someone who goes from being a functional worker at a job to becoming a vital entrepreneur and creating something on your own.

I believe there are a lot of people out there going through stages in their life where they ask,”Where do I go from here?” Or “what should I do now?” Find what you LOVE doing and do that!

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John McKee

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