Business Book Press Release

Business Book Press Release

Press Release

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By Author – John McKee

Subject: Local Entrepreneur Writes 1st Published Business Book and scores book references by Kevin Harrington, Shark from ABC’s “Shark Tank” And Steve Grant, Director of Dale Carnegie Training of Central Illinois. 

My new business book is called “Nothing Happens Until The meeting is Set” subtitled Connecting People, Business and Product. The 230 page book with 62,000 words has been quoted by ABC’s Shark Tank Kevin Harrington: “John McKee gets it. A masterful story, part life and part career” and by Steve Grant, Director of Dale Carnegie Training of Central Illinois “A fascinating, lesson-filled read for any success bound business person.”

 It is now available on Amazon .com and at and will be available in the following weeks at Barnes and Noble online in digital and paperback. The book is registered with the Library of Congress and published by Richter Publishing.

I am very excited to write my first book. I give readers a small insight of my personal life and walk everyone through the incredible 26 year journey of sales, business development, business startup and product development. The interesting piece is that I have been involved with so many ventures in life I started wondering what my niche is and what is my intellectual property. There are a lot of people in this world who go through life never knowing what they number one asset is; or their number one skill is and I find it through writing. (See attached Book Cover Design)

It turns out that I’ve spent my life connecting People, Business and Product together one meeting at a time. I credit myself to over 25,000 sales meetings and tens of thousands of hours as a connector. NOW I plan on being known for these skills and focus myself as a Key Person of Influence. The book goes through some incredible sales call scenarios, old sales techniques and adapting to the digital era of social selling, etc., which makes it a great read. In the end I share how all the training and the constant repetition of doing one thing over and over; I end up developing my own 5 Step process to “Effective Techniques for Generating Meetings”

I believe it’s an inspirational business journey that shows people that everyone has a niche and everyone can become a Key Person of Influence and an incredible journey.

John McKee


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