Entrepreneur StoryTelling

Entrepreneur StoryTelling

There is one thing I have learned during my journey and that is I can't shut this thing off. 

I've found that after all the fun and exciting Entrepreneurial ventures I've had I want more. I want to raise the bar and keep innovating. I look at my desk and I see executed Business Plans, a U.S. Patent and a Published Book and I think what's next. What do I do after this? That can't be it. I feel like I'm just getting started. 

I can't seem to stop. I cannot see the end. At age 53 I feel more energized to get things done than I ever have. 

There are many nights I can't sleep because I'm thinking about what I could be doing more of, or creating social media content. It's exciting and exhausting. How do you shut this thing off? Do I want too? Entrepreneurial thinking never ends. I don't believe you do. You harness it.

It's like a disease. Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining. I realize that I have the burning desire to create. Is it an addiction? Could be. I'm just putting it out there. 

I've certainly learned by now what my core competency is and will always play on that note. I feel like someone's going to ask me at any moment what's left to do. You keep pushing forward and give back when you can. You put all your energy to be the very best you can while creating.

I'm a serial Entrepreneur. When I see a need... I create solutions from scratch. I started a electronic sign advertising company at a very early age because I saw a need. So, I had custom electronic LED back-lit signs built and installed in malls. I owned and operated Sprint Stores after working for Sprint because I personally wanted to help my clients. I saw someone get hurt at their job so I designed and launched a patented safety product and put it on TV. I became a published author and have been an independent Business Development contractor for over 8 years. And I still accepted jobs with fortune 500 companies along the way. Too me that sounds like a lot. I'm not bragging. I'm simply stating what I've been doing and I wonder how I got this way.

Now I'm working on several more projects. I don't recall ever being told that becoming a Serial Entrepreneur is an option. It wasn't listed alongside the lawyer and doctor's options I heard about growing up. The only reason I worked for fortune 500 companies is because that's what I thought I was supposed to do. 

Although I'm glad I did. My Sprint career taught me many things that I'm very proud of. But even then, I remember thinking about being on my own to better serve my clients. Expand my options and thinking outside the box.

I feel like a movie. I understand why influencers like Gary Vaynerchuk video blog their journey. It's valuable information. You can't find the raw material anyplace else. To learn this stuff, it just has come to you and I'm not sure how to better explain it. 

I've had mentors help pave the way and that's been a major factor. So was Shark Tank. To me I viewed that as a live webinar, a virtual classroom. It showed me it was OK to invent, so I did.

I guess I was born this way. Born with the idea that I’ll do what I want. From the time I sold Matchbox cars to my friends as a boy to becoming a patent awardee. It has never gone away. Good, bad or indifferent I've got the disease. I think it’s good. How about you? Maybe you can relate.

John McKee 

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