Subject: New Meeting Request...

Subject: New Meeting Request...

There are many types of meetings that take place every day, Sales meetings, company meetings, introduction meetings, board meetings and meetings to gain knowledge. In fact there are 11 million meetings taking place every day in the United States.

With so many meetings it’s a wonder how we ever get anything done. There are only so many hours in a day. Not only do we participate in 11 million meetings a day, we have to somehow arrange them in the first place. In sales we have to do research for new prospects, cold call and follow up. In business meetings we have to get the right people involved, organize the meeting, and make sure the calendars are all right. Then sometimes we have to reschedule them due to conflicts. Don’t forget we may have to drive or fly to the meeting location or prepare your computer for the conference call, etc, etc…wow that is a lot of work.

Then we have to determine how it fits in with your daily routine. I mean especially of you are in professional sales. You’re asked to canvas for new prospects, do some cold calling and maybe even manage your social media. It’s a proven fact that if you are a new sales candidate it can take up to 3-5 months just to get yourself acclimated with your product or service and then start filling your pipeline.

For a business owner there never really is a guarantee that you will ever be the right candidate for the company. That’s scary considering what most professional business development candidates cost today. Only time will truly tell.

Now let’s talk about another type of meeting. Maybe you are a Startup or Entrepreneur and need business advice and direction. Receiving mentoring from a key person of influence may never happen. Most key people of influence are already extremely busy. We have access to mentors in our local community and those are necessary and extremely important. Most of the time it is sufficient to get us by. Especially if the advice is with someone who has already accomplished what you are trying to do.

This is great but what about raising your profile by having access to a key person of influence who has created a 50 or 100 million dollar company several times over. Or someone who has made it their life mission to know everything about a particular subject or topic. This person could be very hard to secure time with, if at all possible to even find. And even if you do have a mentor like this in mind how do you go about convincing them to give you the time. It sounds like more work doesn’t it?

All of these potential meetings take time, energy, money and again are never guaranteed. This can be very frustrating to anyone. Wouldn’t the perfect scenario be to make the decision on who you would like to meet with and buy the meeting?  It would cost about the same, most likely even less and best of all it would be guaranteed. So at least you would know what you’re getting for your money. No more guessing.

Well it is all possible. At BuyingAMeeting we specialize in; Connecting People, Businesses and Products through paid arranged meeting. In life and in business “Nothing Happens Until The Meeting Is Set” Buying A Meeting is a new opportunity for everyone. You want to meet with a new prospect? BAM done! You need to get advice or meet with a Key Person of Influence? BAM done!

Let our indirect sales members connect you with the prospective client you seek. Browse Key Influencer profiles and select to buy a meeting in person, phone or Skype. BAM done…It’s as easy as that.

If you are a key person of influence or have a tremendous amount of contacts we invite you to join our community, it’s FREE. At the very least you will be helping others out by making the connection and arranging the meeting for them. You have worked hard your relationships and connections so you should be paid for those resources and the ability to make a meeting happen.

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