Yes…I’ll Take Another Recommendation

Yes…I’ll Take Another Recommendation

By John McKee

Twitter: @JohnMcKee453


We have all asked for recommendations when hiring someone for a job, doing repairs at home or ask for a great place to eat. It’s word of mouth that we rely on. Because someone else says it, so it must be true.  We are told who to call and where to go. Try this one over that one. It makes us feel better knowing someone else told us it is the best.

In today’s business world it is more important than ever. If we want to get ahead in life, become a key person of influence or to have credibility and a solid standing. We all need recommendations. With the internet it is so easy to check out products, people and businesses with the click of the mouse. You want to see good ratings.

I recently wrote my first book called “Nothing Happens Until The Meeting Is Set” with over 60,000 words talking about my career in business development and how many meetings I’ve arranged over time. I tell the world that I am an expert at it. I wrote it knowing that I am a key person in my industry. I can write things down all I want about what I’ve done. However at the end of the day it's not about what I say I have done, but what others say about me.

We have to work on recommendations if we want to get ahead. Websites and Social Media are perfect places to showcase what others have to say about you and your work. LinkedIn is perfect for doing this. Can you imagine having 30, 40, 50 or 100 recommendations when a potential customer asks about you, or views your profile? Think about job opportunities. How impressive would it be to show up to an interview with 30 or 40 recommendations? Can you imagine asking your client how many they need? And they say “Well just a few” then you provide a list of 40 raving fans.

I'm making it my mission to get as many as I can. You never know what business opportunities may come up in the future. It’s great to have 1000 connections or 10,000 connections but it’s even better to have 50 written recommendations. Let’s help each other out. Recommend someone for their great work today.

Showcase your recommendations proudly. Lead with them. Let them sell for you. Create raving fans out of other raving fans. If you want to become known for your work, skill or knowledge, invest the time, to do great work and get as many as you can. Let others tell your story.

I recommend it.