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My first product idea in 1997 and was an LED Backlit Reader Board. I was working for a Motorola distributor and selling wireless communications. One item was Alpha Numeric Display Pager. Then Motorola later introduced an LED Moving Message sign, which looked like a spinoff of an oversize pager. But it was for your business. You may recall seeing them for sale in Sam’s Club stores 20 years ago. We started selling them to manufactures to display safety information and then to hotels for event information. It was a great idea and I wanted to get larger displays. I wanted...

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When I decided to write my first book I wasn't sure what my theme would be so I just dove in and started writing. Although it is not quite ready I figured I could give everyone a glimpse into the heart of my new manuscript called "Nothing Happens Until The Meeting is Set." Besides giving readers a brief history about myself and my personal life I was using the book as a means to decide what it is that I am really good at. I was trying to find my intellectual property or niche and help others. By documenting my 26...

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